Congratulations, Dr. Jayaraman!

Congratulations to Bargav Jayaraman for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Dr. Jayaraman and his PhD committee: Mohammad Mahmoody, Quanquan Gu (UCLA Department of Computer Science, on screen), Yanjun Qi (Committee Chair, on screen), Denis Nekipelov (Department of Economics, on screen), and David Evans Bargav will join the Meta AI Lab in Menlo Park, CA as a post-doctoral researcher. Analyzing the Leaky Cauldron: Inference Attacks on Machine Learning Machine learning models have been shown to leak sensitive information about their training data.

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Congratulations, Dr. Zhang!

Congratulations to Xiao Zhang for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Dr. Zhang and his PhD committee: Somesh Jha (University of Wisconsin), David Evans, Tom Fletcher; Tianxi Li (UVA Statistics), David Wu (UT Austin), Mohammad Mahmoody; Xiao Zhang. Xiao will join the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security in Saarbrücken, Germany this fall as a tenure-track faculty member. From Characterizing Intrinsic Robustness to Adversarially Robust Machine Learning The prevalence of adversarial examples raises questions about the reliability of machine learning systems, especially for their deployment in critical applications.

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Congratulations Dr. Xu!

Congratulations to Weilin Xu for successfully defending his PhD Thesis! Weilin's Committee: Homa Alemzadeh, Yanjun Qi, Patrick McDaniel (on screen), David Evans, Vicente Ordóñez Román Improving Robustness of Machine Learning Models using Domain Knowledge Although machine learning techniques have achieved great success in many areas, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and computer security, recent studies have shown that they are not robust under attack.

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