Welcome Randolph Yu Yao!

27 February 2009

Randolph Yu Yao is joining our research group and the NSF RFID project. He’s a PhD student in Computer Engineering and will be working on something related to security and privacy for RFID systems that integrates cryptographic requirement with circuit-level designs.

His brief bio is below. Please join me in welcoming Randolph to the group!

I was born in a small city in southeast of China, and traveled from south to north during my high school, undergraduate, half-graduate study. I’m very happy to travel to the other half of the planet for my PhD study here in the end.

I was an EE major and love to deal with various aspects of embedded system. I’ve worked on the RoboCup, which forms a robot team to play “football”; the Mobile Satellite Communication Vehicle, which essentially control the attitude of antenna in dynamic circumstance; the Multi-Agent Cooperation via wireless communication etc. I didn’t realize before that the security issues of the embedded system are very challenge problems and becomes a bottleneck for their ubiquitous deployments, no matter for sensor networks or RFID. My ultimate goal is to enable these smart embedded systems acceptable by common people and put into daily service without concern about the security and reliability in the face of expanding network connection.

I also like sports such as swimming, traveling, exploration, basketball, hiking but no running which I think too boring. I enjoy the weather, the blue sky and fresh air here.