White House Visit

I had a chance to visit the White House for a Roundtable on Accelerating Responsible Sharing of Federal Data. The meeting was held under “Chatham House Rules”, so I won’t mention the other participants here.

The meeting was held in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. We entered through the visitor’s side entrance. After a security gate (where you put your phone in a lockbox, so no pictures inside) with a TV blaring Fox News, there is a pleasant lobby for waiting, and then an entrance right into the Roosevelt Room. (We didn’t get to see the entrance in the opposite corner of the room, which is just a hallway across from the Oval Office.)

Approach to White House

Side Entrance to the West Wing

Reporters Outside the Entrance
(not waiting to talk to us)

Dress Code for White House Meetings

After the meeting, as a sign of the national state at the time, participants were given a gift — a box of red, white, and blue M & M’s with a barely legible signature on them. I wasn’t brave enough to eat the contents myself, but according to my kids, they were okay, but not as good as Smarties or Reese’s Pieces.

Participants were invited to provide written statements before and after the meeting. Mine are here:

Pre-Meeting Statement (PDF)
Post-Meeting Thoughts (PDF)