Cray Distinguished Speaker: On Leaky Models and Unintended Inferences

Here’s the slides from my Cray Distinguished Speaker talk on On Leaky Models and Unintended Inferences: [PDF]

Leaky Models and Unintended Inferences

The chatGPT limerick version of my talk abstract is much better than mine:

A machine learning model, oh so grand
With data sets that it held in its hand
It performed quite well
But secrets to tell
And an adversary’s tricks it could not withstand.

Thanks to Stephen McCamant and Kangjie Lu for hosting my visit, and everyone at University of Minnesota. Also great to catch up with UVA BSCS alumn, Stephen J. Guy.

The main works I talked about are:

The talk from Randy Pausch (Cray Distinguished Speaker, 1999-2000) that I mentioned is available here: Time Management, November 2007.

The transcript of Seymour Cray’s talk at the University of Virginia is here: An Imaginary Tour of a Biological Computer (Why Computer Professionals and Molecular Biologists Should Start Collaborating). Remarks of Seymour Cray to the Shannon Center for Advanced Studies, University of Virginia. 30 May 1996.